Laughter Is A Gift

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Laughter is a Gift God provides us with a series of immeasurable gifts, Himself at the top, and it occurred to me recently that laughter is one of them… We are created in His image, so it’s not hard to believe that God Himself laughs too. Can you imagine? God laughs in sincere amusement alongside […]

Wealth Is Much More

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When you hear the word “wealth,” what comes to your mind? Most people, if answering honestly, think of money, riches, and material possessions. In fact, the Webster Dictionary confirms those thoughts, as the definition is “a large amount of money and possessions.” While those are not wrong entirely, I’d like to plant another thought in […]

Debate Yourself Daily

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Debate… What does it mean and why would you need to Debate Yourself Daily? If you Google the definition, the verb form of debate means “to argue about a specific subject, especially in a formal manner.” With the American Presidential Debates ongoing, it is to no surprise that we are watching and listening to several […]