Arguments Are Productive

The Republican Debate tonight will be full of arguments and I’m eager to listen and learn more about the candidates and how they view certain hot topics. ArgumentsThe arguments in debates, Republican and Democratic, are always entertaining and especially with Donald Trump on the scene. I was eager to see Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and the others go at it tonight, but it seems as if Trump has chosen not to attend. Good strategy or not? Everyone has an opinion; I’ve listened to many already today and only time will tell how the base and Iowa caucus will respond this coming Monday…

What causes the rub?

We are all different. Our assumptions, beliefs, values, backgrounds, upraising, environment, culture and the like all play a part in why we think and act the way we do. We clash over things and arguments materialize. I’ve learned the clashes happen too, because we want what we want and we’re almost always willing to do whatever it takes to get it. This gets more and more complex as we get older, because we grow in our intelligence and in our ability. This can often be problematic, because our desires may be selfish. They may hurt ourselves and others. They may be immoral. They may even break the law. Consequently, arguments are inevitable. Some are small matters and some are great and heavy matters, but arguments are things we must all learn to effectively deal with and work through in this lifetime.

Want a glimpse of me?

Personally, I’m not one that likes to argue. I’m a happy, go lucky type of guy that sees a world full of opportunity. I’m indifferent towards what shade of brown you are; prejudice does not flow outward from me. I’m of the understanding that Christ broke down that wall of separation for us all; Jew and Gentile alike, I embrace it. I despise the polarization and the political correctness of our day; it makes me sick to my stomach. The past few years have been some of the worst I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. It’s saddening. Why not look to the eyes, the countenance, and the content of character and values, all of which overflow into the outpouring of one’s life? You know what I mean? I know the world to be a place of good and evil; I’ve experienced them both. I’m certain you have too. Love what is good and hate what is evil. Nonetheless, I’m an optimistic realist and I take these things into my arguments. I know that arguments must be made. I see things for how they are and believe in what they can be. Silence is apathy. I know that nobody is perfect and no one will ever be this side of eternity. We all fall short of that standard; therefore, it’s my aim to treat people the same way I’d like to be treated, with dignity, respect, and kindness.

What’s a good pattern to follow? 

Though I’m a work in progress and am far from perfect, here are some tips for dealing with conflict in the arguments you face:

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Do you aim for productive outcomes?

Here’s where the rubber really hits the road. Do we aim for productive outcomes with our arguments or are we really just battling for our own wants? That’s obviously nothing I can solve here, but it’s certainly something to consider. Yes, it’s true. We all get caught up in the rub. The arguments get heated. We’re all human. We want what we want. But deep down, we know how things ought to be. As the optimistic realist that I am, I remind myself often, “You are a work in progress and the work that has begun will be a work that is completed in His due time.” This is in relation to us and this world in this era of time.

I hope you are encouraged today. Feel free to use this pattern in your arguments. It takes time, but it’s helpful. These are things I’ve learned over the years from those closest to me.

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