What Occupies Our Thoughts?

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What occupies our thoughts? It’s a worthy question. Wouldn’t you say? I submit that our minds are mass producing idea factories. We desire, we think, and we act. If we are in agreement on these aspects of our emotional, mental and physical faculties, we would also agree that we must guard our hearts and minds […]

Create A Work Space And Get After It

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Create A Work Space and Get After It Yesterday, I wrote about being serious. If you missed the write-up, you can read it HERE. Today, I’m talking about getting things in order and getting after it!! We all know that a big part of entrepreneurship is dreaming; but without action, dreams are only dreams and they […]

Are You Serious?

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Are You Serious? It dawned on me sometime ago that life was happening too fast. Have you ever experienced moments in solitude, where you think, ponder, and question things like this? I do…all the time in fact. It’s some of the most valuable time spent for me, because it’s introspective in nature. Afterwards, these thoughts […]

Doing What Matters Most

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Life is a series of events, so what we do in life determines the quality of our lives. I think it’s fair to say that lots of things occupy our time; therefore, it’s extremely important to evaluate what those things are on a daily, weekly, monthly, and and yearly basis. As such, I am going […]

Time is valuable!!

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Life is short, so make it count… My heart is heavy this day, because so many things are happening to so many people. Time, as impersonal as it is, keeps ticking on, regardless of the joy or pain many are experiencing. It’s interesting to note that many good and bad things are happening simultaneously. One […]