Power To Choose

Power To Choose

     Power and choice are explosive elements, especially when paired together. This powerful force assists towards one’s fate. I dare say, “People love to be empowered and the ability to choose under such conditions becomes freeing, enjoyable, and often unpredictable. It is even addictive in the most positive sense.” Point-being, people love to have choices! I often think that when one is left without the power to choose, one typically finds themselves looking for an alternative solution. Without choice, I think we tend to feel trapped and nobody likes that feeling or that experience…

Choose     This beautiful picture involves my two oldest daughters. I do not recall exactly when or where this picture was taken in the last month, but the picture captures a huge part of my heart! I am certain you understand. Like any other parent, I want more and better opportunities and things for my children than what I had growing up. I want to give my children the world. I want to raise my children to be people full of faith, character, and integrity. I want them to know what work ethic really means. I want them to understand their purpose in life: to be godly and to serve the Lord and others.  In my heart of hearts and imperfectly of course, my hope is that my children grasp all of these things from what they experience in our home and how we, as a family, go about exercising our power to choose in all of life’s decisions.

     Dealing with money is something that we all must do through life. We have to learn how to make it, save it, and spend it. Some say, “Money makes the world go round.” I do not necessarily agree with this phrase entirely, but I am certain that having an abundance of money, as opposed to a shortage of it, is extremely helpful. The rest of this blog piece is going to be devoted to these things.

     Donald Trump is a well-known figure around the world. He is a successful businessman and has made quite a bit of money with real estate, casinos, etc. Trump is known for these things and for his book, The Art of the Deal. I am not here to discuss his politics or to encourage or discourage your view of him. More so, I merely want to use him as an example, because he serves us well in this “power to choose” discussion.

     Trump has said that he started out with $1,000,000 as a loan from his father and turned it into a $10,000,000,000 enterprise. If you get lost with the zeros, that’s $1 million into $10 billion!!! Now for most of us, we can’t even wrap our heads around these figures, because most of us in the United States won’t even earn the lower figure in our lifetime. In fact, a majority of people in the United States live paycheck to paycheck. Stats just don’t lie. 1 out of 4 are without work. Approximately 40% or more of the American population live on some type of government assistance. I think it is fair to say that our nation is struggling. I also think it is fair to say that most around the world are in a similar boat. As promised before, I am not going to go into any of the political ramifications of these findings/facts; More so, I stated these things to lay a groundwork.

     We need opportunity and the power to choose. Comparatively speaking, turning $1M into $10B is exactly like turning $100 into $1 million. Let’s think about placement value and a dollar amount that we can all grasp. $100 is something that we can all easily understand. In fact, it is something that a majority of us have throughout the month. I want to show you something simple. Move the placement value four places to the right in each setting. With $1M, you get to $10B. With $100, you get to $1M. Do you see what I mean? If you can take $100 and turn it into $1 million, you will be somewhat like Trump in your business dealings: very successful!! Impossible? Let me show what I’m working on…

     I ask you, “Apart from your mortgage or rent, water, and grocery expenses, what is the one bill that you pay every month almost without any thought or exception?” Is it not your electricity bill? Many people say that this bill is one of the most important bills that they pay each month. I live in Texas and it is hot!!! I can’t imagine living without air conditioning, refrigeration, etc. Do you see it? Do you see what I am showing you? I am showing you opportunity… Here lies a market in high demand. What if I showed you a way, where you could take a $100 and start towards the very process I showed you above?


These four bullet points are pretty straight forward. First, see the big picture. I have already laid it out for you. Take a look around at all the lights in your city. How many people do you know who use energy? Do you think they would like to get it cheaper and possibly even obtain it for free? What about travel rewards for every kwh used? What about a free vacation just for signing up as a customer? It’s all pretty appealing, right? I recently had a discussion with a close friend of mine. Though he isn’t interested in the business for himself, he is interested in doing business with me (as a customer). Why? He would rather buy this product through me than a big company. Note, I didn’t even discuss this as a benefit above, but it is another perk… “People do business with those they know, love, and trust.” At least, good people do. My advice is to keep it simple. I am not trying to sell you on the deal. I am simply telling you about the opportunity. I’m so excited, because I am actually in the process of pulling a Donald Trump!!! Remember those placement values that I talked about above? The difference here is that my deals are not complex. I do not have to teach you or others how to use electricity, right? I do not have to convince you or others that this product is necessary. You and others are already using it and need no training on it. All I have to do is simply learn how to master the invitation for you and others to take a look and then show the plan repeatedly. That’s it. It’s really that simple. We say it often in so many words or less, “Get a few people, help them gather a handful of customers, and teach them to do the same.” It is people helping people. Who doesn’t want to be a part of something like this? It’s opportunity at it’s best and it involves the power to choose!!! See the business and customer opportunity here.

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