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Mission Statement

My aim is to wake up every single day and spend my time, energy, and resources on the people and things that matter most to me!

Jimmie Gose

     My name is Jimmie Gose and I’m a Bible-believing, God-exalting, Christ-centered Christian. I was saved in my twenties and feel as if I’ve lived two separate lives. I am originally from Oklahoma, but I’ve lived in Texas ever since I was a kid. I am happily married to the love of my life and we have five incredible kiddos. I enjoy spending every available moment with family and friends and the Church is very dear to my heart. I love sports, outdoor activities, games of all sorts, amusement parks, music, reading, writing, learning, and much more. I am a “Jack of Trades” and have worked for several companies in multiple positions and in various industries. I have an Associate’s Degree in Electronics, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, and a Master’s Degree in Business and Administration. I am an entrepreneur at heart and currently work in the Accounting, Digital, Energy, and Legal Industries.

What is meant by time and financial freedom?

Focus on what is right and everything else will fall into place!

Work-From-Anywhere Solutions

Experience all of the rewards of business ownership with so little of the risks! 

Personal Facebook Page:

My personal Facebook page is found HERE. Feel free to send me a friend request and/or private message and we can connect online.

7 thoughts on “About Jimmie Gose

  1. Thank you Jimmie Gose for writing the forward to my first book, Reflections From The Heart. It is through those poetic pages along with your build-a-wealth empire, that we will live long after our bodies bid farewell. Those who have join this fantastic team have embarked on an organization such as this one that will pull you from povertys powerful grip to a land flowing with milk and honey. Jimmie Gose is our financial Moses leading the way!!!

    1. Donovan, my hope is that many grab your book and see the poetic genius that I saw years ago and continue to witness to this day. It was an honor and privilege to write your forward, so many thanks for asking me! The aim of BuildAWealthEmpire, as you know, is to inspire, motivate, and educate. We’ll do these things as long as we have breath.

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