Hope Is The Greatest Of Things

Hope Is The Greatest Of Things
Hope enables us to look forward to something that has yet to come… In this case, it’s an assured HOPE.
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Happy Resurrection Day my friends!!!

E A S T E R  W E E K E N D

He is risen indeed!

You may very well have a different faith than mine, a hope that is different, and that is certainly your prerogative. I respect your beliefs and commend you for your convictions and hope this post helps you better understand some of mine. I am writing this today, because Christians celebrate Easter (Resurrection Day) year after year, just like Christmas. Faith and hope are the result. The events surrounding this celebration, the death, burial, and resurrection, are central to the Christian faith. And of course, these events would not have happened without the birth. Such were God’s plans and as my pastor has said in times past, “It’s the greatest rescue mission of all times.” It’s the great exchange too (Romans 8), His righteousness for our sinfulness. He suffered in our place, atones for our sinfulness (past, present, and future), and enables us to escape God’s coming judgment and wrath.

Hope for us in this lifetime is one of the best of things, because it’s an assured promise from God based upon His own testimony and the reality of this event. He actual was raised from death to life, unlike no other. He goes to prepare a place for us and will return with sweeping victory.

Just as Jesus was raised from the dead, so we too will be… For some unto life and for others unto death: two very different fragrances for us living now and two very different outcomes for when these events occur, but either way eternity is certain for us all.

Where do you fall? Do you believe in Him? Does your life evidence your faith in obedience to His Word? By His grace, it can. There is H O P E and it’s the best of things for ALL of us!!

May the Word and Spirit of God breath spiritual life into you this day if it is not present already.

I pray your day is full of life, faith, hope, and tremendous celebration…

Jesus is alive! He’s the One and Only Risen King!!!

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