Infrastructure Automates Your Business

Infrastructure Automates Your Business

Infrastructure is remarkably important. The goal of this article is to discuss how desire, mindset, infrastructure, and campaigns go hand in hand. My hope is that you’ll catch a glimpse of my vision and see how having the right tools make all the difference in the world, especially for busy business professionals.

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Understand The Desire

A desire crept into me about four years ago for a lot of reasons and a series of events have transpired since that moment. Feel free to check out my Facebook post, where I explain it in greater detail. This post really centers in on  the core of my WHY. I admit… It’s strong and I’m extremely passionate about it. It’s got to be that way. The shorter version of this post is that I came to the realization, where I wanted more out of life. I realized that life was passing by too QUICKLY and I was missing out on too much. It wasn’t something, where I was ungrateful, unhappy with my marriage, kids, church, friendships, or anything else like that. It was more about how life could be better and what I could do to make that happen. Do you feel me here? Have you ever seen that movie “Family Man” with Nicholas Cage? It was years ago when I first saw it, but it’s a great one! I love that movie…  In the story line, Nicholas Cage had almost everything, but he got a “glimpse” of what he didn’t have. I won’t spoil the movie if you haven’t seen it yet, but I will share my takeaway with you. When you get a glimpse of what you don’t have in life and what you truly want, it forces you to pause, consider, desire, and act… You see before one acts on a desire, one has to understand it more fully and this understanding usually happens in stages. Sometimes the understanding comes quickly and sometimes it comes slowly, but it always takes place before one acts. Typically, several questions come to mind in this process. Here are a few examples. What am I feeling? What do I want? Is this want ok? If so, what must I do in order to acquire it? Are changes necessary? Can I do it? Will I do it? As you can see, one has to question one’s activities during this stage and that’s that… For me, it’s been a real evolutionary process over the past four years. I was tired of the “hamster wheel” experience, I wanted more, and I was determined to do something about it.

Establish A Winning Mindset

A winning mindset is necessary for success. Without it, you’ll stop about as fast as you began. So, get it straight now and understand this fact. Building a business is hard work. You’re going to face hills and obstacles of various kinds. You’re going to run out of gas. There’s going to be accidents, as mistakes will and should happen. When all of these things take place and when the rubber hits the road, what’s under the hood makes all the difference in the world. Your engine [mind] must be tuned properly and kept in good shape in order for your car [life & business] to run exceptionally well. If the mindset is wrong, life’s outcomes will be too. So when I talk about mindset, I’m talking about resolve, determination, vision, growth, passion, goals, and pursuit. We could label and define this word in so many ways, but basically it involves a desire within you to achieve a particular thing or set of things. Nothing can deter you. Your engine is revved up in such a way, whereby it is inevitable for you to reach your destination.

Infrastructure & Mindset
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Design The Right Infrastructure

My business plan has evolved over the years since the moment I first experienced that desire. Infrastructure has been the result. I’ve focused on infrastructure and automation, because my time is largely limited. I’m a professional worker, a husband, father of five and we lead a very productive life. I can say that my WHY has stayed the same in the core of it’s essence over the past four years; it’s just basically grown stronger alongside of my mindset and descriptively better. Likewise, my infrastructure is growing stronger and better. I will tell you that I’ve failed a lot and I mean a lot over the past four years, but I’ve been learning along the way. The good news is that I share my failings with others, particularly with my teammates. “People over profits” is what a good friend of mine often says and “People helping people” is what is often quoted in one of my favorite business enterprises.

Consequently, I’ve been working on establishing a strong infrastructure that is automating all of my business ventures. Sounds pretty cool, right? I’m doing it all from the comfort of my living room and as time permits for me. Some more good news is that I’m driving this vehicle and nobody is telling me where to go or how to do it. The very way that you’re reading this blog now, seeing the video, witnessing the unseen tools behind the scenes, such as my domain name, website & hosting, live chat & serve, fully customized capture, sales, and thank you pages, funnels, autoresponders, live and recorded webinars, and much more, are all a part of my infrastructure now. My business is only getting better. In my professional opinion, this opportunity literally levels the playing field for all entrepreneurs, because it provides the tools necessary to build an infrastructure that provides automation. You do the work once and then let the tools work on your behalf, especially when you’re busy with all of the other valuable things in life like family time, kids programs, church activities, social engagements, and even sleep.

This infrastructure solution also provides an immediate and residual income opportunity. In summary, it’s a mix of online marketing, network marketing (offline), affiliate marketing, and sales.  It includes digital products that you can personally use and also sell at 50% to 100% commissions and you can get paid IMMEDIATELY into your PayPal account with many of these things.Look HERE. It’s free to register, so go ahead and do it! Trust me. You can figure things out along the way. You’ll want this in your arsenal; believe me… Recall how Einstein invented the light bulb. He figured out a number of ways it wouldn’t work until he discovered the way it would.  The same is true for your online and offline business and how you can use these tools and this opportunity to favorably impact your bottom line. I assure you the quantity and quality of these tools, products, and services far outweigh the measly $25 monthly cost. It’s really a no-brainer, so go get registered NOW!

Initiate Explosive Campaigns

Once you have the desire, the right mindset, and your infrastructure in place, you’re ready to initiate explosive campaigns. The great thing is that you can measure all of your online and offline campaigns. You can test your results and see what’s working and what’s not. This is valuable information, because it enables you to focus your efforts where it matters most. Here’s a few brief examples of some of my explosive campaigns.



I didn’t mention this tool above, but it’s just another example of how I’m using these tools with my creative imagination at no extra cost. I have this posted online with IBOTOOLBOX, my website, other traffic sources, forums, etc. I also have it on my phone and for door to door canvassing purposes. I create flyers with it and use them in a variety of ways. As you can see, there are endless amounts of strategies…



I created this banner and am hosting it on my site. I can upload it practically anywhere online. Use your imagination. Once you put it out there, it’s working for you. As I mentioned already, the infrastructure is in place and it automates at this stage in the game.

Mobile Advertising


I can’t tell you how valuable this means of advertising is, because you have an unlimited number of eyes on your website and brand DAILY. Tell me. How many people have my unique URL out there? This is a great traffic source to bring new eyes to my website. For those looking for opportunity, I’m making it visible every single day. It was a one-time cost that will pay it forward over and over again.



This picture is a snapshot of my website. My tools cover the domain name, the hosting, the capture pages, the affiliate offers, the digital products, the webinars, etc. This is a primary example of having the right infrastructure in place. Additionally, I’m using this hub and these tools for my other business ventures too. Do you see it? Do you see what I’m sharing here? Pure value… What shipping ports and sea lanes were to the old world, digital commerce is to the new world. Whatever your business, these tools can help you make it happen.

Email Marketing


You’ve probably heard it said before, “The fortune is in the list,” so build one and keep adding to it every day. Having the tools I’ve discussed enable you to collect leads, build your list, and establish relationships. If you have a person’s email address, you have an inlet into their life. Use that inlet wisely and don’t be a spammer.


I’m sure you get the idea. There are really no limits with these tools. Infrastructure Automates Your Business!! Albert Einstein says, “Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” You can use these tools in whatever way you can imagine. For the busy professional, the stay at home Mom or Dad, the worker who is underpaid and overworked, the struggling retired person, the young person who doesn’t want to go to college and can’t find a good job, I’ve just shown you a real viable solution that can help you change your financial trajectory. Everyone’s results differ, but the good news is that your results depend on YOU.

YOU control your success or failure.

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