Target Your Income

Did you know that you Target Your Income level?

Think about your current job situation and what you do in order to produce income for you and your family? Target Your IncomeHow much can you realistically expect an employer to pay you for your skill set and services within this chosen profession?  How much money will you bring in for the year? How much time do you have to trade in order to bring in that income level? Consider the min and max hourly or salary amounts. What are these amounts starting out and what are these amounts ten years down the road? Ten years down the road, do you expect someone else to start you off, where you left off with your previous employer? These are worthy questions, because the answers help you [and me] to determine what type of income target practice is taking place.

You see, each profession has a realistic income target. Since you choose what you do with your time, and the fact that most people work as employees, you Target Your Income accordingly. The government and the marketplace typically decide what your type of position is worth and then most employers competitively bid for the best candidates willing to fill their open positions. That’s how it is… But just because that’s how it is, does that mean that’s how it has to be?

Here’s a question… Is your current job/profession capable of providing you and your family with the income level you all desire? Does it allow enough time for you and your family to actually enjoy life? You’ve probably heard it before, but two-thirds of our lives are eaten up from sleep and work alone. If your time and finances are limited, doesn’t that mean the options you have for living life are limited too? It might just be time to Target Your Income in a different way…

Provocative statements are valuable, because these type of statements force us to produce serious thought. I believe this statement to be one of these: Target Your Income. Why? Serious thought tends to lead to serious action and serious action tends to aim at a specific target or set of targets. Our choices in life are often directly related to our income levels. I’ll be the first to tell you that money isn’t everything. I’ll also be the first to tell you that too little money will cause stress in your life and it will also GREATLY reduce the choices that you can make. Here’s a few other provocative statements that I’m centering around this theme. I have a coworker named Billy and he said something to me years ago that I think about regularly. In more or less words Billy said, “You’ll never be happy until you’re doing what God intends you to do.” Honestly, I could take this statement in so many different directions, but my main question with this statement today is… What do I want to do that I can’t do, because time and money are limited? I’ll be transparent and will answer as probably you would. Were those two things in greater abundance, my life would look very different. How about yours? Target Your IncomeHere’s another provocative statement. Chris, my nephew who is a Marine, once made a Facebook post indicating that most people don’t know what they want to do in life. I affirm what he said in the sense of my professional careers, because I was once a product of that very reality. Though I have a MBA degree and a thriving professional career, these things are not my passion. I do them now only because I need to provide for my family. In fact, I’m a jack of trades. I’ve had over two dozen types of positions in various industries and professions. I’ve worked in the retail industry, restaurant industry, beverage industry, electrical industry, semiconductor manufacturing industry, and the accounting and finance industries. I’ve done all types of professions: blue collar and white collar work and sales. All things considered, I’ve never been that type that’s said, “This is what I was meant to do.” I think most fall within this category and most settle. What I’m basically getting at is that things can be different, but you have to Target Your Income.

Think about what you want and put something in place that is capable of hitting that target.

I listened in to a free conference call about salesmanship recently. I didn’t buy anything, but the 15 to 30 minute lecture was a good one! There was a provocative set of statements there that’s forced me upon this subject. The speaker’s name was Myron Golden. He wrote the book, From The Trash Man To The Cash Man and I’ll be purchasing this book and reading it myself soon. Anyhow, Myron quickly laid out the steps to success in this call and each step related to a specific level of income. It was during that call that I realized that I’ve been an implementer all of my life. I’ve always been the A+ type, the highly esteemed, the reliable, the go to guy, and the achiever… But, my income and options have always been related to this category [too little and too few]. You know when you get those Aha moments? Well, I experienced it then… In short, you’ve got to go beyond the implementer step, where you’re not just doing something that someone else has prescribed. You have to go beyond this step if you really want to Target Your Income. The beauty of all of this…I’ve already been acting on the other three steps that he talked about unknowingly. It’s refreshing when you find yourself in the right camps of thought and action. My target is in sight and I’m practicing my shots daily. Before you know it, I’ll be hitting the bulls-eye day after day after day and spending my time and energy on the people and things that matter most to me!!

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