Cast Your Vision

Vision is something you see in your mind that hasn’t come into being yet.

Dare To Cast Your Vision

Do you have a vision for your life? Are you working towards it? On average, the older we get, the less we dream, the less we plan, and the less we execute. I believe that many of us get caught in the trap of living mindlessly: doing what we have always done because it is what is familiar, available, and safe. Did I hit a nerve? I know I did with me.

What happened to that four to sixteen-year-old within you that once said, “I am going to be an astronaut,” or “I am going to be a professional athlete,” or “I am going to travel the world,” or something to that effect? I dare say, “We grow up, quit dreaming, get caught in a pattern of life that steers us towards old age, and let life’s circumstances dictate how we live and spend our time.” It is a dangerous trap and many of us are in it without even knowing it, which makes it all the more tragic.


The good news is this reality doesn’t have to continue. We can change our story, but we are going to have to be willing to do something we have not done in a long time. Change. Dream. Visualize. Plan. Execute. I titled this blog, “Cast Your Vision, because I want you to personalize it. I want to encourage us all to plan our course and execute it with passionate determination. Regardless of our age, background, education level, financial status, etc., we all have skill sets and competencies and are far more capable than we credit ourselves.

Be willing to be honest with yourself and assess your situation. Does what you find line up with what you want in life? For me, many things are in place and many things are not. The goal is to change those things that are not. It is really that simple.

I encourage you to spend some time thinking on these things, dare to dream again, and then put a plan in place to make it all happen!

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